Why You Need Birds In Your Garden

If you look outside right now, you’ll probably see a bird fly past in the blink of an eye, but have you ever thought about where they might reside in your garden? Birds are fantastic for the natural progression of your backyard, so here are a few ways you can keep them interested and coming back to your property. Birds are fantastic. Attracting the [...]

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Making Your Backyard The Ultimate Entertainer

Ever dreamed of having one of those picturesque backyards you see on Pinterest? Well, they might not be as far away as you think. With a few little additions, you can make your backyard stand out among the crowd. Here’s how. Alfresco An alfresco is a low cost, but high reward addition to any backyard. This gives you a space to enjoy those warm summ [...]

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How To Lay Pavers Properly

When it comes to paving, it’s not just about what kind of paver you choose but also what you decide to stabilize your path or patio with. If you don’t secure them properly, you’ll risk them cracking or shifting as the weather changes. There are a range of different ways to lay a paver, but there’s only one way to do it correctly. Underlay A perfect [...]

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Choosing the Right Supplier for Your Landscaping Business

The landscaping industry is booming and very competitive. You need the right team on your side so that your landscaping business stands out. Your business will require a supplier. A good, reliable and knowledgeable supplier will be the difference between getting the right materials today or waiting weeks for it to arrive and then realising it’s the [...]

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Setting Up An Irrigation System In Your Garden

Water is one of the most important parts of a garden, but sometimes you might get caught up at work, or be heading away. If you fit this profile, a drip irrigation system might be for you. So here’s how you can install and utilize it. Plan and Ask Firstly, you need to plan out exactly where you want your system to flow. For example, some plants may [...]

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Ways To Keep Your House Plants Flourishing

We talk a lot about how to care for your garden outside, but what about the plants you have to help decorate your home on the inside? There are a few factors that you should talk to your garden supplier about, so let’s take a look. Get the balance right.   Even if your plants are in a cool dry spot, they need water. Your plants roots will start to [...]

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What To Know Before Building A Deck In Your Backyard

Now that summer is in full swing, you want to be able to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. Your backyard might be fantastic, but you might be looking for a bigger space to enjoy. Here’s what you need to know when you decide to build a desk. Planning It’s probably the toughest part of the job. Do you want a natural looking deck, or are you fin [...]

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How To Properly Use Compost In Your Garden

With so many ways to compost in the gardening world, how do you know which one will suit you the best? Let’s take a look at a few composts and how to best use them in your garden, as well as what items you should steer clear of when putting together your compost pile. Hot Compost This is for the more serious gardener. If you want to create a longer [...]

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How To Build The Best Retaining Wall

When building up your garden, you want to be able to separate some areas from others. A retaining wall is the perfect solution for this. There are some important things you need to remember when building a wall that will outlast even the worst weather conditions. Trench It’s important that your wall has a solid base to build on. If the ground under [...]

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How To Keep Your Plants Thriving Through Summer

Summer is here and it’s the time that your plants are most susceptible to the radiant heat that Australia brings. There are a few ways however you can keep your garden flourishing through the warmer months. Watering An inch a week is the norm when it starts to warm up. You need to make sure that the soil under the ground remains moist as that’s the [...]

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