It’s the age-old question, should you choose natural turf or synthetic turf for your garden? There are a multitude of options to help you decide, so let’s take a look at which might suit your situation best. 




If you’re looking to lower the maintenance you need to do around your home, synthetic turf might be the way to go. Once you’ve installed it properly, you won’t need to do much maintaining. Synthetic turf can be extremely durable across the seasons, with many lasting up to 15 years. You do need to brush and groom it every now and then, however. The largest positive is that it doesn’t show blemishes, staying nice and green for years on end. 




When it comes to lawns looks, you can’t beat a natural one. With it’s lush green texture it can bring your garden to life. If you have young children a natural lawn might suit you better, as it’s softer and stays cool in the sun which is better to play on. Synthetic, however, stays green all year round and isn’t affected by the seasons or weather. 




Synthetic lawn does cost more initially, however with little maintenance you’ll quickly reap the benefits. It can be anywhere from $75-$100 per square metre to install. Natural lawn, however, will drop significantly in the installation process, with grass seed very affordable. However, the ongoing maintenance might mean you’re dipping into your pockets to keep it fertilized and growing strong. 


Overall, it really depends on the situation you’re in. If it’s a small backyard that you want to set and forget, synthetic lawn could be the way to go. If you’re wanting to have a lush soft lawn and enjoy gardening, then a natural lawn is the one for you. Don’t forget to drop into Kennedy’s Garden Supplies for all your backyard lawn advice.