Which Crushed rock to use underneath pathways or concrete?

Before laying pavers or pathways, it is important to prepare the ground with a firm base of crushed rock gravel. Without a firm sub base, your pathway or installation of Synthetic turf or pavers could  become unstable and uneven. The types of crushed rock gravel used to make a firm sub base are B Grade, Recycled concrete, Pavement base and Road Bas [...]

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Choosing the best soil to reduce water usage in your garden

Reduce water usage in your garden by using the right soil Different soils vary greatly in both nutritional properties and water holding capacity. Depending on the type of garden plants and their nutritional needs determines the type of soil needed so they can thrive. Soils vary from the thick clay, mountains soil, soil with a lot of organic matter, [...]

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How to lay pavers using crushed stone dust instead of sand

Good preparation of a site is important before laying pavers and there are a few options to go with. A firm base of crushed rock with a layer of crusher dust or stone dust. Blue Stone Dust or Gold Dust are a great alternative to concrete sand for laying pavers. To lay pavers, dig out your area, make a firm base, top with crushed dust or sand, use a [...]

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How to use soil conditioners

Soil conditioners are added to the soil to improve the effectiveness.  There are a wide variety of soil conditioners which perform different functions.  Some soil conditioners can sweeten acid soils while others break up clay-based soils to improve soil structure. What are soil conditioners Soil conditioners improve nutrient levels, water retention [...]

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Are all soils or composts the same?

We are often asked the question “Which soil is best for my garden?” or, “Does compost need to be added to the garden soil?”  The answer to this depends on the type of garden or lawn which is planted.  Some soils are best used in certain types of garden beds. Which soils are the best to use? The best soils are lightweight, fluffy and aerated. Trees [...]

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How to Spend more time in Nature while staying at home

As we are spending more time at home indoors, its never been more important to connect with nature. There are many ways to connect with nature both inside our home and in our garden. Health benefits of nature Improved sleep & relaxation therefore lowering stress levels and improved immunity are common benefits of spending time in nature. Here a [...]

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