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What is the best sand to use in children’s sandpits?

Sandpits are a great way for children to enjoy the outdoors and get creative with their play. But it’s important to select the right sand for these types of activities.
Whitewashed sand is an increasingly popular option due its cleanliness, lack of sharp edges and fine texture that make it much easier to keep kids’ clothes and hands clean after they have been playing in the sandpit. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of whitewashed sand as well as tips on how to choose, store and use it safely so you can ensure your child has hours of safe fun in the sun.

Benefits of Choosing White Washed Sand

White washed sand is the perfect option for a sandpit. Its fine texture and lack of sharp edges make it much safer for children to play in than traditional sand, which can be gritty and uncomfortable on the skin.
The process of washing removes all impurities from the sand so that it is completely clean and safe. It also provides better traction when wet, making building with moulds easier as well as lessening risks of slips and falls during playtime.

Hands and clothes will be noticeably cleaner after using white washed sand as well — saving parents time, hassle, and growing water bills after each play.


Picking the Right Sand

When it comes to picking the right sand for a child’s sandpit, there are a few key factors to consider.
Firstly, choosing a fine-grained sand is essential as this will provide the best traction and be gentle on their skin.
Secondly, ensuring that the sand is clean from any impurities or debris is important so that kids don’t get dirt or germs in their eyes or mouths while playing.
Finally, it’s important to avoid sharp objects such as rocks, shells or glass which can cause cuts and scrapes if stepped on accidentally.
White washed sand ticks all of these boxes – the sand is a fine grain, less likely to be abrasive, and triple washed for cleanliness. It’s also softer than traditional beach sands thanks to its extra fine texture so children get more comfort while they play – plus you won’t have sandy messes everywhere after use!

Sand Play Safety Tips

To ensure children remain safe while playing in the sandpit, there are a few important safety measures to consider.
Firstly, it’s important to keep play areas clean by regularly raking or shovelling out any debris that has been left behind after previous use. This will help prevent any sharp objects from getting mixed up with the sand, and can also limit the chances of pests such as ants or cockroaches becoming a problem.
Secondly, keep the sand as dry. After use, cover the sandpit with a tarpaulin or other weatherproof cover. This will help to keep the sandpit environment clean and prevent mould from growing around the edges.
Finally, providing proper storage for any excess sandbox fill is essential in ensuring it remains safe and sanitary throughout its use. Look for an airtight container that can be sealed securely when not in use to prevent the sand leaking or getting dirty.

Triple White Washed Sand

When it comes to making sure children have safe and enjoyable playtime, white washed sand is the ideal choice for a sandpit.
With whitewashed sand, parents can save themselves the nightmare of washing tiny hands and clothes after every use. The sand doesn’t stick as much as other types, and is easy to gently brush off. This allows kids to get back into the house quickly without leaving a mess, and parents can save on water bills and time spent vacuuming up after their children.
What’s more, using white washed sand helps protect against unexpected sharp objects too. The fine particles create an even surface and tend to settle below foreign objects, so they stay visible and easily removed. Additionally, due to its carefully processed washing method there are no worries about impurities either so kids can stay healthy whilst playing in the sun!
Triple white washed sand is the ideal choice for your child’s outdoor sandpit. Browse our selection today, or ask our team about the best options and ways to fill your sandpit.

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