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Preparing the ground for Artificial grass installation

Artificial grass has been a low maintenance option for those who love the look of grass but don’t want to spend time mowing or maintaining it.

Before installing synthetic grass, it is essential to have the area prepared properly.

With the right ground preparation, synthetic grass will look amazing and feel soft underfoot.

Remove Lawn

Dig out to remove existing lawn and debris. Dig down to a depth of around 10cm. This allows enough room to apply the sub bases.

Best sub base for artificial grass

1: Apply 5 cm of 20 mm crushed rock as the first sub base layer and compact.
2: Spread another 5 cm of a fine crusher dust such as Blue Stone Dust for a smooth, softer feel under the grass
3: Smooth and level the crushed dust so the artificial grass will be smooth.
4: The area is now prepared for the application of the artificial turf

Applying the sub base

Lay around 5 cm of the 20 mm crushed rock first and compact down firmly. This layer will provide a firm
base and keep the levels from dropping or forming low patches.
Next, lay another 5 cm of fine crushed dust such as Blue Stone Dust and smooth out the surface. The Blue Stone Dust is a
finer product and will feel smoother and softer walking underfoot when the artificial turf has been laid.

Synthetic turf
Synthetic turf

Smooth and level

Use the back of a rake or piece of wood to smooth and level the area.  It is important to get this step right as a smooth sub surface will give the laid artificial turf a smooth soft appearance.  The area is now prepared for the application of synthetic grass and kiln dry sand.


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