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Re-potting outdoor plants using potting mix

Re-potting outdoor pot plants is important for the continuation of growth and health of the
plant. Using the right container and the best potting mix will save on future maintenance
issues, giving the plants a better environment for growth.

There is a little more to it than just grabbing a larger pot and some old potting mix from the shed.
A well cleaned pot and a quality potting mix will make all the difference.
The most common questions we hear regarding potting mixes are: “Aren’t all potting mixes
the same?” or “Does it matter which potting mix to use?”

How outdoor plants respond to re-potting depends on both the choice of pot and the
quality of the potting mix.
Although potting mixes may look the same, the ingredients inside the bag can be very
different. Depending on what type of plants you are planting, and their requirements in soil
structure and nutrients, a suitable potting mix will be required.  For most outdoor plants, a
high-quality premium mix is recommended.

Potting mix for outdoor plants

Quality potting mixes comply with the Australian Standard requirements of AS 3743
for a Premium grade potting mix.
Certified Australian Standard potting mixes have all been tested and approved for the following specifications:

  •  Water holding capacity of the potting mix
  •  How well the mix drains
  •  Water absorption
  •  The nutrient levels
  •  Ph levels

Premium potting mix

It is important that the potting mix is certified to the AS 373 Australian Standard and contain
the red ticks of approval.
A certified Premium potting mix contains slow release fertilizer and a re-wetting agent. This
potting mix lasts longer than a general-purpose mix, therefore needs less maintenance. This mix can be used for most plants except specialty plants such as orchids or azaleas.

Specialty plants

A specialty potting mix should be used for certain plants which require specific needs from
their mix. These specialty mixes are specific for Camellia or Azalea, Orchids, seed
germination and bulbs such as the African Violet.

repotting outdoor plants
re potting outdoor plants

How to re-pot your plants

  1.  Make sure the plant is well watered up to one day beforehand
  2.  The cleaned replacement pot needs to be between 5 to 7cm wider than the old pot.
  3.  Fill a third of the pot with potting mix.
  4.  Gently remove the plant from the old pot by tipping it upside down and tapping the
  5.  Place the plant in the new pot and fill the pot with potting mix.
  6.  Water generously and add extra potting mix if necessary.
  7.  Place the freshly potted plant in its optimum position.
  8.  Water plants when required.
  9.  After 3 to 4months, a slow release fertiliser may be required.

With a little bit of TLC, using the right ingredients, your outdoor potted plants will look their
best throughout the year.

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