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Things You Need To Know When Building Your Veggie Garden

There’s nothing quite like picking and eating from your own vegetable garden. It can save you when it comes to shopping as well as giving you the freshest ingredients for your home cooked meals put together a pills to slow down metabolism. There are many ways to create your own veggie garden, however here are a few things you need to know when building your own.


If you decide that your vegetable garden will be raised, it’s important that you pick the right sleepers to help contain the soil and water. A simple timber pine sleeper can keep your vegetable gardens in a neat and tidy order. Raised beds also mean pests like slugs and snails have a tougher time getting to your plants.


It’s one of the most important parts to a veggie garden. Before building, make sure your garden will get enough sunlight throughout the day. You don’t want to finish it and realise that the big tree next door blocks most of the sun, causing your vegetables to not grow to their full potential. Map out your space and even consult your local gardening specialist to help work out the best spot.

What to Plant

Some plants grow in different climates, so you’ll need to pick plants that grow in your specific climate. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and beetroots are great for a winter climate, where strawberries, corn and tomatoes enjoy a warmer climate. They all require different amounts of water and care, so plan for what to plant.

Good Soil

With every garden you need to have good soil, but especially when it comes to vegetables. You want them to grow as big as possible, so the best soil with the best nutrients is the way to do it. Composting will also give your soil the nutrients it needs to transfer to your plants. A tip, keep an eye on the soil temperature as well, it can affect your plants

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