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How Maintaining Your Garden Can Add Value To Your Property

Did you know that a well maintained garden can increase your property value by 20%? If you didn’t, you do now! So here’s a few ways you can give your property the best look and the best value going forward.


You might already have a great garden, it just needs a clean up. Make sure you prune and cut back trees that might be getting out of hand to neaten it up and give it a more elegant feel. Keep on top of weeds and plants that might suffocate others. This will enable your garden to flourish during springtime.

Selling Point

There are many different ways to make your garden stand out from others, so finding that point of difference and selling point that will make buyers really struggle to pass on your home is key. Whether it be investing in a pond, water fountain or a nice patio that can be used in the warmer months, installing or building one of these will add value to your home immediately.


You might not need to paint in your garden per say, but adding some paint to the old fence will give your garden a renewed vibe. It will create a more presentable look and enable the bright colours in your garden to look even more vibrant to the eye, exciting potential buyers.


Whether you replace it or regrow, it has to look impeccable. Potential buyers will love seeing a nicely trimmed and lush lawn that their kids can play on. It will help give the home that extra wow factor. If you have lawn that’s patchy or needs maintenance, it’s about rolling up your sleeves and working hard because the value that it will add to your home is immense. If you need some tips about lawn maintenance, don’t hesitate to head into your garden supply store for a hand.

Tall Plants

Heading down to your local garden supply centre to talk about how to give your backyard privacy should be one of your priorities. Hiding your backyard with neighbour-be-gone trees or other tall hedging gives your potential buyer a sense of privacy that maybe others couldn’t, giving it that point of difference come selling time.

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