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Simple Solutions For Killing Those Pesky Weeds

Weeds can be the bain of a gardeners existence, but what products are out there that can help you really kill them off for good? Here are some of the best ways to deal with those pesky weeds that might continue to flourish in your garden. 

Scold Them

It sounds funny, but pouring boiling water on weeds can start the process. Bigger weeds might need a few more goes, but if you get the boiling water down to their roots, you’ll start to see the weeds die off. This is a very low cost and easy way to start the process of ridding your garden of weeds.

Spread that Mulch

You can stop weeds in their tracks by spreading mulch to starve them of sun and nutrients. This means your plants stay in the sun, without being hindered by the weeds next to them. Spread your mulch about 3-4 inches in thickness as this helps keep weed roots from sprouting again. 


It’s an old favourite amongst the gardening community and it works if you apply it frequently. It will burn the tops of the weeds but will need to be reapplied often to get to the roots and finish them off. It contains acetic acid which is the ingredient needed to kill the weed off. Be careful, however, don’t let the vinegar seep near any other plants, as it will kill them off too. 


This is the perfect solution for the weeds that grow in between the cracks in your driveway or pathways in the backyard. After a few days, you can go back and simply pull them out. The weeds will not return either, as the bleach will have ruined the soil below not allowing them to regrow. 

So there you have it, a few simple ways you can kill off the weeds that seem to grow back in droves, for good. We have plenty of products here at Kennedy’s to solve any of your garden supply problems, so don’t hesitate to contact us about any issues you might be facing. 


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