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Local vs Franchise? Tips for working with a local landscaper

There is more to landscaping than just planting a few trees around your garden. Surprisingly there is a lot of planning involved, and you want someone with extensive knowledge of the right plants for your environment and lifestyle.

So, do you choose someone local or go for one of the larger franchises?

We’ve put together some tips to help you find the right landscaper for your garden.


You probably already have the end vision of what your garden will look like in mind. Finding the best person to carry out the work is not always as easy. A franchise might seem like a good idea because they’re much more prominent and may have been in business longer. But do they know your local area? A local landscaper will be familiar with the climate and the types of plants that thrive in your neighbourhood.

Look for experience and knowledge

Your landscaper should have plenty of experience. A local landscaper will know where to get the best deals for materials. Here at Kennedy’s Garden Supplies, we regularly deal with many local landscapers and trades. We provide top quality materials and plants which will thrive in your garden.

Ask for a design

Landscapers are specialists in their field who have the creative and technical knowledge to create stunning gardens. Many landscapers use CAD software to design your garden. Always ask your landscaper for a design of the work they’re going to including materials and plants.

Ask plenty of questions

Always ask plenty of questions before engaging with your landscaper. Find out how long the job is going to take to complete, where they’re getting their materials from, what plants they’re using and why they’ve chosen them.

What maintenance plans are available

Your beautiful garden is complete. Who keeps it looking in top shape? Are you going to maintain the garden yourself or does your landscaper offer gardening services to come back to keep everything thriving? Find this out in advance and if this is not a service offered by your landscaper ask for a referral to a gardener they trust.

The bottom line when choosing a landscaper is to go for someone with local experience and knowledge. The team at Kennedy’s Gardens Supplies are more than happy to help trades and their clients with advice and orders. We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable, friendly staff and stock a wide variety of products and materials, making us the perfect supplier for your landscaping business. Drop-in or call us to see how we can help you.

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