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Easy Alternatives To Grass

Is there anything better than looking out over a perfectly manicured and lush green lawn? For many Australians, their lawn is the pride of their garden; for others, it’s the bane of their
existence requiring constant watering and maintenance. Do you think it might be time to give up on the perfect lawn and look at alternatives? Why not consider these.

Plants and Shrubs

In an area where there is some foot traffic, a creeping ground cover will be perfect for the Australian climate. Some will tolerate a little walking on it; other’s won’t. Most require very little
maintenance. Look at a hardy option such as kidney weed or woolly thyme, and these won’t mind being walked on. Dichondra is a lovely native but not as hardy and will only be suitable if it’s not going to be walked on all the time. For a little colour consider Blue Star Creeper or the beautiful Australian Violet. Both are incredibly hardy, ideal for slopes and did you know the flowers on the AustralianViolet are edible.

Rocks or Gravel

If you want to change the look of your landscaping all together, you can have a mix of rocks, gravel and plants. Soft gravel is excellent for a pathway and looks great mixed with a ground cover such as kangaroo grass. Succulents look great when mixed with rocks or gravel. Always select plants that don’t require much watering and when considering gravel always select gravel fine enough that it doesn’t get stuck in your shoes. This way the gravel stays on the pathway and not throughout your garden and home. Read how to get best value for money. Rock features can also be used in areas where there is little to no foot traffic.

Other alternatives

The first lawn alternative that jumps to mind for most people is artificial turf. Artificial turf comes in varying forms and quality. There is some maintenance required, and you’ll have to sweep the
turf to keep it free from leaves and other debris. It can get hot in the Australian sun, so it’s a good idea to consider if it’s suitable for your home and lifestyle. You can also consider pavers and bricks. Like artificial turf, pavers and bricks are a great alternative but can get hot! You’ll need a blower vac or broom to keep debris to a minimum but other than that there is little to no maintenance.

So, as you can see, there are many different alternatives to a perfectly manicured lawn that look just as great but gives you time to enjoy your garden rather than continuously work in it!

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