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Ways To Keep Your House Plants Flourishing

We talk a lot about how to care for your garden outside, but what about the plants you have to help decorate your home on the inside? There are a few factors that you should talk to your garden supplier about, so let’s take a look.

Get the balance right.  

Even if your plants are in a cool dry spot, they need water. Your plants roots will start to become damaged if they are sitting in dry soil. It’s tough to determine how much and it depends on where the plant is, but you need to watch over watering too. If your plant is sitting in water, it can actually kill your plant. It’s best to check the soil every second day by pushing your finger in down to the second knuckle. If the soil is still moist, your plant is watered enough.


Placing your plant in adequate sunlight will enable your plant to grow to its full potential, but placing it directly in the sun will hurt it. Find a well lit room and give your plant 12-14  hours of sunlight a day. If you are seeing your plant starting to struggle, move it to another room and see how it responds, but try and give it a chance to adapt to the area it’s in first.


House plants love fertilizer. Except it must be balanced. The first 10 stands for nitrogen, the next for phosphorus and the last for potassium. Pairing this fertilizer with potting soil will give your plant the best chance at absorbing the micro-nutrients they need to grow into strong established ones.


It’s important to keep your plants free from pests that could eat away at their roots or leaves. That half a cup of coffee or tea left by the plant, don’t tip it in! The sugars will attract flies to breed in the soil and eat away at your plants. If your plant has low acidic tolerance, this will actually kill your plant. Watch out for any other little critters that might be piggybacking on the leafs and get rid of them as soon as possible.


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