How To Choose The Right Stones For Your Garden

||How To Choose The Right Stones For Your Garden

How To Choose The Right Stones For Your Garden

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With so many options around to help fill out your garden or driveway, how do you choose what stone, gravel or pebble you should use in yours? It all depends on your situation, but there are certain places that each stone will suffice as a solution for you.


There are many different stones or pebbles you can use to line your driveway with. It’s better to get a stronger more stable stone though, such as gravel, as it wont move and shuffle around as easily when you drive on it. It’ll lock together much better and be far more durable in the exposed weather.


Again, there are plenty to choose from. If you’re looking for a low maintenance garden then filling it in with pebbles is the perfect fix. They’ll also work in styling your garden to match your home and tie it all in together. Choosing stones that will drain well is another area you need to think about. You don’t want water pooling because the stones don’t allow it to pass, so picking a pebble that allows water through is a must.


Many gardens are starting to feature waterfalls more and picking the right stone to complement it needs some thought. We recommend a few different sizes as this will provide a nicer feel and look to the feature. This will also make it look more natural than a man made waterfall, showing the care and thought that has gone into it.


While paving doesn’t directly fall in the loose stone category, it still applies in your garden. Your pebble or stone choice will be dictated by what type of paving you go for, whether it’s granite or another type. Choosing a stone that will compliment the paving well will add style and value to your home almost straight away.