How To Build The Best Retaining Wall

||How To Build The Best Retaining Wall

How To Build The Best Retaining Wall

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When building up your garden, you want to be able to separate some areas from others. A retaining wall is the perfect solution for this. There are some important things you need to remember when building a wall that will outlast even the worst weather conditions.


It’s important that your wall has a solid base to build on. If the ground underneath is soft and unstable, the wall won’t be able to do its job. A trench will stop your wall from cracking or moving when it comes up against rain or wind. This should be the first step you take in the creation of your masterpiece.


A timber sleeper is a perfect material for a retaining wall in your garden. Inexpensive and relatively easy to put together. You’ll find these in our yard and they are readily available to use. Place vertical supports along where you want your wall to run and the sleepers can easily fit in snug and tight. You can then choose to paint or stain your wall for added effect.


It’s important that you backfill behind the wall so the soil underneath stays compact and tight. Your wall will probably be load bearing, so you want to keep the soil behind as solid as possible. Make sure you fill with aggregate that is able to drain water as well, as it will pass through to your piping behind the wall to easily get rid of that excess water.


Yes, you will still need to think about where that water will go. If you change the way it flows with your wall, it means it’s imperative you look at where you need to add some pipes to help it disappear. If you leave the water to run wherever, you risk it getting in behind the wall and softening the soil. This can lead to damage that has to be replaced.