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Choosing the Right Supplier for Your Landscaping Business

The landscaping industry is booming and very competitive. You need the right team on your side so that your landscaping business stands out. Your business will require a supplier. A good, reliable and knowledgeable supplier will be the difference between getting the right materials today or waiting weeks for it to arrive and then realising it’s the wrong product.

How do you choose the right supplier? Who do you go to for materials, products and advice? We’ve put together a few points to help you select the right supplier for your landscaping business.

Someone with experience

As a landscaping business in Melbourne, you want to make sure your supplier is going to be available to fill your orders promptly. Always choose someone who has a large client base and has been in business for some time. Kennedy’s Cranbourne, for example, has over 5 acres of landscaping products available to the local community and tradies, they have over 35 years experience and are the perfect example of a long-standing landscaping and garden supply business.

Someone with knowledge

Your supplier needs to be knowledgeable. You will rely on them for advice – a lot! Make sure you choose someone who has a good reputation in the community, someone with experience and someone who has been in business for a while.

Products for Every Project

The last thing you want to be doing is driving all over Melbourne and surrounding suburbs picking up different products. Select a supplier who has an extensive range of products and materials.

Look for a supplier, such as Kennedy’s Garden Supplies whose range covers sand, soil and driveway toppings right through to garden and building products.

Do you deliver?

Choose a supplier who is happy for you to come in and pick up your materials and one who also delivers. Select someone who also offers same-day delivery so that you are not wasting time waiting for materials to be delivered. Free delivery will also be a massive benefit to your bottom line!

The team at Kennedy’s Gardens Supplies are more than happy to help trades with advice and orders. We pride ourselves on having knowledgeable, friendly staff and stock a wide variety of products and materials, making us the perfect supplier for your landscaping business. Drop-in or call us to see how we can help you.

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