How To Maintain A Natural Garden

||How To Maintain A Natural Garden

How To Maintain A Natural Garden

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There are many ways in which you can maintain a backyard garden, but how do you maintain a natural garden without to many other items such as fake turf or heavily concreted areas? Let’s see how you can be environmentally friendly when it comes to keeping your garden full of life.


There are certain insects you want in your garden and ones you don’t. You want to try and attract insects like bees, ladybugs and butterflies. These insects give your garden a nice feel and keep the pollination of plants going. Try to get rid of mites, aphids and beetles which can slowly eat away at the growing garden. Plants such as lavender and geraniums will attract the insects you want buzzing around your backyard.


Composting is one of the best ways to naturally help your garden flourish. It can really help in enriching the soil and giving it the nutrients it needs to help your plants become strong and stable. Food scraps and other items can be used to compost your garden and give the soil that extra value.

Pesticide Free Protection

It’s important to steer clear of chemicals. There are products on the market that can do the same job, just without the risk on your pets or other insects you want to hang around in your garden. Mulch is a great way to drive those pests away from your garden, while fertilisers are also a fantastic deterrent while also giving your garden an extra boost of nutrients.


Planting a diverse amount of plants throughout your garden will help it naturally keep pests away. Lemongrass will help keep mosquitoes out of your backyard, especially if you have a water feature or pond which can attract them. Planting herbs can also help with keeping insects such as flies, slugs and snails away as they can start to eat up your precious plants.