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Five mulches that will help liven up your garden

Mulching is a very popular way to keep your gardens soil healthy, it helps stave off the wind and rain from washing topsoil away while also keeping the moisture in on the hot sunny days, but it’s sometimes hard to pick which mulch works best for you garden, let’s take a look.


Compost is the best mulch as it has plenty of nutrients that will soak into the soil and into the roots of your plants keeping them strong and healthy.“It might be a little more expensive, but it’s one of the best coverings for you garden so we recommend this be your number one choice”. It’s one of the best coverings for your garden, so we recommend this be your number one choice.

Sugar Cane Mulch

This is one of the most readily available mulches you can get and one of the cheapest too. It does however need applying more than others which is the downside of picking sugar cane mulch. It encourages soil organisms to help build up your soils nutrients however, meaning it can be a really effective way to redevelop your garden bed, you just have to make sure you keep on top of it and re apply when necessary.

Bark & Woodchips

Bark and wood chips take a long time to disintegrate so they’re perfect for those who live in rain affected or wind affected areas. They will help cover your garden keeping the soil moist and your plants protected from the elements. If a yellow tinge begins to take place within your plants after mulching, don’t panic! This just means your soil requires a little extra nitrogen. Simply find a product that you can add to your soil to increase the nitrogen levels, and your plants will slowly return to normal.

Pebbles and Stones

A bit of a different take on mulching your garden, but pebbles and stones are great when it comes to covering up your garden and preventing weeds. They also retain heat during the day, so they’re perfect at night for plants prone to any frost damage.


You might see many gardens packed up with straw, and for good measure too. It’s a fantastic addition to your garden and looks great with it’s golden colour. It’s perfect for a veggie garden, keeping the dirt off your edible crops.

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