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What Soil Is Best For My Garden?

There are so many different garden soils available to purchase here in Cranbourne, but how do you find out which soil is the one that will help your garden flourish? Here, we’ll take a look at
the different types of soils should be considered for each garden, its location and what you want to grow.

Before starting out, you need to work out what problem you are trying to solve in your garden. Are you trying to raise the soil levels, or optimise the pH levels to help your plants get the most
nutrients out of your soil. These two examples have two different solutions, so it’s important to find out the problem so that your garden supply centre can give you the correct answer. If you’re looking for garden soil that will help your vegetable gardens flourish, then an organic mix will benefit those plants immensely, giving them the best chance to grow strong and produce fruit and vegetables seasonally thanks to the nutrients that are present in compost and manure. Australian plants and flowers enjoy a sandier mix, so they can establish a stronger root system and absorb water well.

It’s important to make sure that the soil you’re purchasing has been stored and looked after before your purchase. We keep our garden soil away from winds that will bring in seeds and other pollens, meaning the soil isn’t contaminated, and plants will take to it quicker, giving them the best chance of growing and producing to their full capacity.

Overall, it’s essential that you consult with your garden supplier, as they are the specialists in their area and will be able to give you the best solution for all your garden soil needs. Here are Kennedy’s we have many different soils to suit all your garden needs, to give your garden that extra nutrient boost for your garden to flourish fully as we head into summer.

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