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How To Keep Your Plants Thriving Through Summer

Summer is here and it’s the time that your plants are most susceptible to the radiant heat that Australia brings. There are a few ways however you can keep your garden flourishing through the warmer months.


An inch a week is the norm when it starts to warm up. You need to make sure that the soil under the ground remains moist as that’s the key area. If that starts to dry up, your plants will start to wilt quickly. Don’t be afraid to water a little more than you would during the cooler months as you’ll see more evaporation during the hot summer.


You need to keep on top of the weeds in your garden throughout the warm months. Your plants are fighting for all the nutrients they can get already and battling against weeds will only hinder them. Take the time to weed most weeks as this will give your plants the best chance at surviving. Topping the garden up with mulch as well will stop the weeds from making a comeback.

Inside Plants

You can’t forget about your inside plants as well! If they’re in direct sunlight next to a window, they may suffer from leaf burns. Make sure they’re adequately watered and kept in the cool. The sunlight can be more damaging through windows than outside. If you’re heading away also, maybe put them in the bath with a small amount of water, this will keep them nourished until you return.

When to Pick

If you have a veggie garden, it’s important to pick the produce early in the morning. Don’t let the harsh sun beat down on the veggies and hurt their quality. If you can, take them inside early. Don’t be afraid to use some fertilizers as well to keep them strong and healthy throughout the warmer months.

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