Tips & Benefits to Compost

Unlock the Power of Compost:

10 Active Ways to Enhance Your Garden and Environment. Compost is a highly versatile and beneficial resource which can be applied in many ways to enrich your soil, environment and the health of your garden. The following active and innovative ways of loss to get the most out of your compost: 1. Fertilise your Garden  […]

Composting Kitchen Scraps with Compost Creation tips

From Waste to Wealth: A Beginners Guide to Composting

Composting your garden waste at home is a fantastic way to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden. Here’s a simple beginners guide of compost creation tips to get you started: Choose a composting method: There are various ways to compost, including using a bin or setting up a compost pile in your […]

Fertislise you Garden. Compost in wheelbarrow

The Benefits of Composting in Autumn

Composting is an age-old method of recycling organic materials such as leaves, kitchen scraps, and yard trimmings into a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used to enhance your garden soils. Composting in autumn has many benefits, particularly because the cooler temperatures are ideal for producing quality compost. Autumn is also a great time to […]

Are soils the same

Are all soils or composts the same?

We are often asked the question “Which soil is best for my garden?” or, “Does compost need to be added to the garden soil?”  The answer to this depends on the type of garden or lawn which is planted.  Some soils are best used in certain types of garden beds. Which soils are the best to […]

Making your own compost.

Making your own Garden Compost

Getting outside and growing clean vegetable and plants is increasingly important as we care for our own health and vitality. Compost increases the water holding capacity to the soil, adds nutrients and improves soil structure. Home made Compost is a long-held tradition for many gardeners and is an essential component to the health of the […]