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Are all soils or composts the same?

We are often asked the question “Which soil is best for my garden?” or, “Does compost need to be added to the garden soil?”  The answer to this depends on the type of garden or lawn which is planted.  Some soils are best used in certain types of garden beds.

Which soils are the best to use?

The best soils are lightweight, fluffy and aerated. Trees need  sandy loam soil for increased root growth.  Native plants & lawns also benefit from sandy loam soil.  Vegetables and flowers prefer a nutrient soil with more structure and water holding capacity.


Prepare fresh lawns and instant turf with a screened  sandy loam top soil to ensure establishment of the lawns roots.

garden soil in hands

Vegetable Gardens and Flower Beds

Vegetables and flowers benefit from soil with added structure and nutrients.   Super blend top soil contains added aged fowl manure and has more water holding capacity.   There are many other types of composts which can also be added to garden soil.   Mushroom Compost, Revive compost or Diggers Compost are just a few.

Australian Native plants

Free draining Sandy Loam soil is best for Australian Native Plants.  Australian natives benefit from a lower nutrient, free draining soil as too much nitrogen can damage the sensitive root system of Australian natives.


Composts are soil conditioners and encourage microbial activity.  Smaller quantities can be made at home using kitchen scraps, fresh and dry garden waste.

Bulk composts come from different industries such as the mushroom farms, the dairy industry and gardening industry.

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost comes from the mushroom growing industry and is mixed with straw and other growing mediums for mushrooms.  It can give plants like roses a real boost in spring.            Mix mushroom compost into the soil for a naturally nutritious lift.

Revive Compost

Revive compost Comes from the dairy industry.  This compost can be mixed into the soil for added structure and nourishment.

Diggers Compost

Diggers compost is a dark organic garden soil conditioner.  This compost is made from garden trimmings including leaves and branches.   It is composted using a controlled batching composting technique.   As a soil enhancer, It can be added to all soil types from sandy loam to clay.   It has proven to be a very popular compost for vegetable gardens and flower beds.


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