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At Kennedy’s Cranbourne, we pride ourselves in providing some of the highest quality building products Cranbourne has to offer. With years of experience in the industry, Kennedy’s Cranbourne will help you find the product that’s right for you and your project.

In order to help you achieve your dream look, Kennedy’s Cranbourne stocks a wide range of different building products, including:

  • GP Cement
  • Off White Cement
  • Limil
  • Concrete Dry Mortar Mix
  • Rapid Set
  • Brickies Mortar
  • Wooden pegs
  • Gibco – Liquid Lime
  • Treated Pine Timber with sizes 2.4 x 200 x 20 or 2.4 x 200 x 75 or 3 metres x 200 x 20
  • Pine Edging 75/25 x 3.6 metres
  • Garden Edging in timber 4.2 x 75mm
  • Tree Stakes
  • Garden Stakes in a variety of sizes
  • Star Posts in a variety of lengths
  • Lawn Seed
  • Poly pipe
  • Agflow
  • Storm water 90mm x 6m
  • Drainage pipe slotted
  • 100 mm or 65 mm Ag/flo with sock
  • Stone Dust
  • Bar Chairs
  • Brick weld
  • Loop Ties
  • Expansion Joint
  • Oxide Colour in 25 kg black, 1kg in black, brown or red, 4 kg Black or brown
  • Poly Pit Grate
  • Reinforcement Mesh with sizes 6m x 2.4 = F52, F62, F72
  • F81 is 3m x 1.2
  • Trench Mesh 6m x 200 = F8, F11
  • Trench Mesh Supports
  • Fibre Mesh
  • 12 mm Y Bar deformed x 3 metre
  • Fibre Mesh
  • Brick Weld
  • Loop Ties
  • Weed Mat with sizes 915 mm x 25 metre, 915 mm x 50 metre, 1.8 x 25m, 1.8 x 50 m,
  • Mulch mat 1.8 x 50 metre
  • Weed mat pins per bag
  • Assorted Hardware

Our building products are ideal for small fix-it projects around the house and garden, larger building tradesman projects, and everything else in-between. With such an enormous range of building products, no matter whatever you’re after, Kennedy’s has something that’s right for you.

For more information about our building products, call in to Kennedy’s Cranbourne Garden Supplies at 1635 South Gippsland Highway in Cranbourne East to see our full range of building products. Fill out our contact form here, or call on 03 5996 2504.


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