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Aggregate is one of the most commonly used construction materials within Australia, and has a large variety of different applications. Primarily, aggregate is used for drainage purposes and to reinforce and extend more durable products such as concrete and asphalt.

Kennedy’s Cranbourne offers some of the highest quality aggregate Cranbourne and the surrounding areas has to offer. Aggregate consists of crushed rock, which is obtained by mining rock and breaking it down to its desired size. As a basic raw material it can be used in many different ways, but as the rock itself is a natural resource, comes in a number of different variations, sizes and consistencies. However, at Kennedy’s Cranbourne we utilise our expertise to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality. 

Not shown in photos are the 20 mm Monks Aggregate and 40 mm Monks Aggregate

Certain projects may require certain types of aggregate. In order to cater to your needs, Kennedy’s Cranbourne provides a wide range of different products, including:


  • 7 mm, 14 mm, and 20 mm Aggregate
  • 20 mm Monks aggregate
  • 40 mm Monks aggregate
  • 20 mm pink aggregate
  • 40 mm aggregate /SBI
  • 7mm Red Scoria
  • 20mm Drainage Scoria
  • 40 mm Blue Deco 

Unlike typical aggregate, scoria is has bubble-like cavities and is used in landscaping and drainage projects, making it ideal for garden beds as a decorative hard mulch.

For more information about our scoria or aggregate, get in touch with Kennedy’s Cranbourne on 03 5996 2504 or send in your enquiry via our contact form here.

20mm Roadbase Aggregate

20mm Roadbase Aggregate


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